Q: I don’t know anything about computers?

A: No worries, it is not a problem. A computer is just a machine that runs a series of programs (known as software) and works on instructions that you the operator input into the computer via a keyboard or by pointing to and clicking on an icon (computer picture) with a device known as a mouse. Some computers today have touch screens which eliminates the use of the mouse.

Q: Can you teach me computer programming?

A: Yes we do teach computer programming with the proviso that it depends on the level of your capability.

Q: Can you teach me computer science?

A: Computer science is a long journey and for some, a never ending journey. We would recommend you apply to a University or an Open University and get your degree from them. Although we do not offer degree courses we can bring you up to the required standard to be accepted on a computer science degree course.

Q: Can you teach me Microsoft office

A: Yes we can, from office 97 onwards. Just tell us what version of Microsoft Office you are using.